Ad mad Show

“A perfect ‘ad’ and your product is sold.” These words seem quite easy to instruct but it becomes difficult to bring in process. Preparing a T.V. advertisement for a product involves principles of Management which includes qualities like team work, creativity, imagination, choice of product, etc. A House Activity “The Ad Mad Show” at DPS Varanasi was scheduled on Thursday, 29 th November 2018 for the students of classes III-V during the House Activity period in the school premises to bring all the management qualities together in one classroom. Students used wrappers of waste materials as their product to sell. Some created their own product. Enthusiastic students made creative and intellectual advertisements which were praised by everyone. Being it a group activity, it was clearly seen that students came up with great ideas and bonding of team work was their secret. Certificates were distributed to the groups holding the first, second & third position of each class.

Added on: 01 Dec 2018

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