Prolific Art

To make children aware that when we mix primary colours a new colour is formed. The little ones were first briefed about what does prolific art means. The teacher also told them that mixing two primary colours we get a new colour which is known as secondary colour. Now, the students were given a drawing sheet with a butterfly pasted on it. The children were told to colour the body of the butterfly with brown colour and put sparkles on the tentacles of the butterfly. After which the hands of students were painted with primary colours. As it was a
pairing activity one child’s one hand was painted with red and another with yellow the child was asked to rub his both the hands to form a new colour which was Orange. Likewise another colour was made mixing yellow and blue which gave a new colour i.e green and then both the child’s hand were stamped on the drawing sheet to make wings of the butterfly. As it was a parent
connect activity parents also joined us for the activity and they made students do the activity. A
colourful butterfly was made with mixing colours.

Added on: 03 Aug 2018

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