Memory Game

Boosting a child’s memory is one of the greatest responsibility by which we can help our children. A fun filled and meaningful activity for both adults and children is playing memory game. Memory games enhance our brain function and exercise the brain making it more sharp and alert. Keeping this in mind, the Major Activity ‘Memory Game’ was conducted. The game was very well executed by mother of Aditya Agrawal of class II B. Firstly she put some objects like cap, pen car, mug etc on a tray and covered the tray with a cloth. Then she explained the rules to the children and distributed cutouts of chart paper to the children. After that she displayed the objects kept on a tray for two minutes, covered the tray and asked the students to write the names of the things on a piece of a paper . Those who wrote all the names with correct spellings were awarded with certificates. The children were very happy and thrilled throughout the activity.

Added on: 03 Aug 2018

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