About Delhi Public School, Varanasi

The Delhi Public School Society is recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmark of its philosophy; educational leadership and scholarly achievement its mission...

Honing a child is perhaps the biggest responsibility for all. It requires an environment that consistently nurtures the young mind, body and spirit and metamorphoses them into strong human beings, repositories of knowledge and skills capable of holding their own in the world outside.
Delhi Public School, Varanasi, is based on the belief that parents and teachers play the most important roles in the learning years of a child. With this view the school encourages a close partnership between the trinity of the learning processes - the child, the teacher and the parent.

Recent Activities

  • Junior Wing Felicitation

    To acknowledge and crown the assiduous and dynamic scholastic performance of the

    students of Junior Wing of DPS Varanasi, the Felicitation Ceremony for the academic

    year 2015-16 was held on 12 th July’16 in the school Multi Functional Hall. More than

    350 students of Junior Wing from classes III – V were bestowed with badges and

    certificates for their excellence in academics.

    The students were rewarded in different categories which included Performer’s Badge,

    100% Attendance, Scholar Badge I, Scholar Badge II and the Illuminati Badge. Ms. Sneha

    Gujrati extended greetings to the guests and commenced the program. The special guests

    were the parents of the young scholars who were invited to witness the event.

    The honourable Directors Mrs & Mr. Gautam Rajgharia, and the Wing Coordinators

    of the school overwhelmingly awarded the scholars with the badges and certificates.

    The proud parents were astounded witnessing their children receiving the honour.

    The students on the other hand rejoiced their magnificent success.

    The program culminated with a sincere vote of thanks by Ms Sneha Gujrati who

    thanked the guests for their immense support to make the event a great success.

  • The felicitation ceremony

     The felicitation ceremony of the Primary Wing of Delhi Public School Varanasi was held on

    4th of July2016 in the school’s Multi Functional Hall, to cherish and applaud the earnest

    endeavours of the students and celebrate their stupendous scholastic achievements. The

    institutional heads, Mr.R.K.Pandey, the Principal and Ms.Ashoo Kalra, the Vice Principal

    and all the Wing Coordinators felicitated the confident scholars who were beaming with pride

    and enthusiasm. The diligent efforts of more than 300 meritorious students were recognized

    as they were awarded with Scholars’ Badge and certificates. 147 students of class I were

    felicitated with Junior Scholar Badge – Silver, 161 students of class II with Junior Scholar

    Badge – Gold and 17 students from classes Prep to II for 100% attendance. The parents of the

    young felicitators were invited to witness the ceremony. The students were delighted on

    getting their photographs clicked and enjoyed the reward of their hard work and tireless


  • The felicitation ceremony

    The felicitation ceremony of the Secondary and the Senior Wing of Delhi Public School Varanasi was held on 02-07- 2016 in the school auditorium. Dr. K. P. Upadhayay, Registrar andController of Examination, Banaras Hindu University, was the Chief Guest. He admired the attempts taken by students for their sincerity and hard work. He emphasized on positive attitude and sense of belongingness which are the very shaping force of life. In his address he highlighted the significant role of parents and teachers for flourishing the career of students. The ceremony commenced with lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest. On this occasion Directors Mr. Pankaj Rajgarhia and Ms. Seema Rajgarhia, Principal Mr. R.K. Pandey, Vice Principal Ms. Ashoo Kalra, Coordinators and teachers registered their elegant presence. Principal Mr. R.K. Pandey congratulated the students for their success and acclaimed the support of parents.


    It was a proud moment when 64 students were bestowed with Scholar Badge. The hard work of 2 students was acknowledged as they were awarded with Illuminati Badge for scoring 90% and above marks for 3 consecutive years. 4 students of class X were honoured with Blue Belt for scoring 90% and above marks for 4 consecutive years. This year 2 students were given Blue Tie for achieving 90% for 5 consecutive years. For consistent hard work Eashan Das and Shubhendu Shekhar were awarded with Blue Sweater for scoring 90% and above for 6 consecutive years. Blue Blazer was offered to 9 students for securing 90% and above marks for 7 consecutive years. The hard work of 6 students was credited with Performer Badge. Gold Medal was bestowed to 8 students for scoring 90% and above for 8 consecutive years. The credit was given to Anusha Rastogi, Ananya Agrawal, Harshita Awasthi, Aman Tilak, Mohit Kaushik, Meishty Pande, Muskan Mishra, Paritosh Gupta, Akshat Singhal, Arnav Kapoor, Kumar Vivek, Satydeep

    Matreja, Shubhi Shah, and Dikshant Singh for being the proud recipients of Chairman Medal for scoring more than 90% and above marks for 9 consecutive years. Maroon Blazer was offered to Tejesh Garvit, Priyansh Garg, Shivam Agrawal, Adarsh Agrawal and Apurva Singh for their admirable performance. In fond memory of late Badri Prasad Rajgarhia, 51 students were conferred B. P. Rajgarhia Brilliance Award, for scoring 10 CGPA in class X.

    This year 19 students qualified IIT JEE. Mention must be made of Tejesh Garvit, Abhinav Anand, Yasharth Singh, Vishal Anand and Shyam Jalan as occupants of remarkable rank in IIT JEE. Parmeet Singh qualified CLAT examination with noteworthy rank. The credit goes to Priyansh Garg and Sadik Rahman for securing venerable rank in AIIMS and NIFT respectively.The ceremony was anchored by Ms. Nandita Singh, Ms. Archana Rai, and Ms. Shivangi Shukla.

  • International Yoga Day


    Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. To magnify the pragmatic resonance of Yoga, Delhi Public School Varanasi celebrated International Yoga Day on 21 st June, 2016, at school premises.Mr Harishankar Dubey [Yoga teacher and representative of Patanjali Yogapeeth Haridwar], Dr. Tribhuvan Singh [Yoga teacher of Patanjali Yogapeeth Haridwar] Ms. Usha Dubey [Senior Yoga teacher] were the resource persons. In the beginning the representative of Patanjali Yogapeeth briefly narrated the relevance of Yoga in relation to spiritualism and philosophy. Dr. Tribhuvan Singh succinctly explained about Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. They revealed that Yoga cleanses the body and mind of accumulated stress and negative impressions. Pranayama calms down the agitated mind. The practice of yoga and meditation prove to be a powerful combination and many enthusiasts like to practice it . In his address he focused on bhakti-yoga, jayan-yoga, karm-yoga, and kriya-yoga as explained by Lord Krishna in holy Gita. They suggested to concentrate on breath for meditation with chanting of AUM. In demonstration the resource persons displayed several asanas Bharadvajasana, Padangusthasana, Paripurna Navasana, Dhanurasana, Setu-Bandha- Sarvangasana, Dhanurasana, Utarasana, Savasan, Gomukhasana, Garudasana and among others. Arin Dubey and Anagh Dubey from class IV-C of Delhi Public School Varanasi assisted the resource persons with great zeal and enthusiasm. Lastly, the demonstrator involved everyone in Hasya-asana and sankalp in order to make Yoga a part of daily routine. In this gathering teachers and students both participated with equal spirit. The session proved very fruitful to everyone.

  • Literary Fest

    Literature is the written record of human soul in words of truth and beauty; and it is the only document

    of human history and civilization. Delhi Public  School Varanasi celebrated ‘Literary Fest’ on 18 th May

    2016 in school premises. The opening ceremony was graced by the Chief Guest  of the day Dr.

    Gyanendra Dhar Dubey, Associate Prof. T.D. College, Jaunpur, the Principal of the school, Coordinators

    ,teachers and students. The celebration commenced after the inaugural rite including lighting of lamp by

    the dignitaries and shloka recitation.  A dance performance by the students of class XII enthralled the

    spectators. To inculcate and promote the habit of reading books among students, an event Book

    Dissemination was conducted  in which Aditya Shukla of XII D1 stood first followed by Kriti Shah of

    XII C and Avni and Manogya Saraogi at third place. The event was efficiently anchored by Meishty

    Pande . The literary fest also included various events such as elocution, debate, essay writing, literary

    quiz, and poster making, cover page designing. The topic of debate was, FREEDOM OF SPEECH-

    NOT AN UNFETTERED RIGHT in which speaking for the motion Srishti Singh, Ananya Agrawal and

    Mahaksh Malhotra stood first, second and third respectively. Speaking against the motion Mihir Jain,

    Archit Deva and Ashay Gupta bagged first, second and third position respectively. The programme was

    anchored by Akshat Singhal ,Astha Singh, Manas Srivastava, Gyanendu Deo Singh. Enactment of the

    play Macbeth was the central attraction of the day.  It was a remarkable day which ended with a vote of

    thanks proposed by Vasudha Dwivedi, the Cultural Head. The school management congratulated the

    participants for their endeavour.

  • Investiture Ceremony

    The swearing in ceremony of the newly formed council members for the session

    2016-17 was held on 12 th May 2016 at Delhi Public School Varanasi. This ceremony

    evoked the very spirit of duty and responsibility among students. The programme

    began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp by the Vice- Principal Ms. Ashoo

    Kalra and Coordinators and teachers. The council members were introduced and were

    honoured by the sashes and the badges. Aviral Mehrotra and Ananya Agrawal were

    graced with the sash of Head boy and Head girl. Shrey Kumar Singh and Rishika

    Bansal were adorned by the sashes of the Captain and Vice Captain of Courage

    house. Parth Singh Rajput and Mani Singh became the Captain & Vice- Captain of

    Wisdom House. Rajki Gupta and Priyangi Ranjan were chosen the Captain and Vice-

    Captain of Harmony house. Charu Pasricha and Darshita Shukla were graced with

    the sashes of Captain and Vice- Captain of the Service House respectively. The

    portfolio of Sports Captain was given to Sachidanand Singh and Purnima Singh and

    Vice Sport Captain to Shubh Khanna and Anjum Jamal. The Cultural Heads were

    Pratik Jain and Vasudha Dwivedi and Vice-Cultural Heads were Ayush Rungta and

    Anushika Dubey. Gyanendu Deo Singh and Srishti Singh were declared as the

    Literary Heads and Vice Literary Heads were Akshay Agrawal and Ishika Arvindani.

    In the next segment the prefects were called to embellish badges. Then came the

    somber and the most anticipated moment when the young council members took the

    oath led by the Vice Principal, whereby they declared and vowed to abide by the

    creed of their alma mater, and fulfill their duties according to their respective

    portfolios to the best of their abilities .The ceremony ended with the blessings from

    Vice Principal Madam followed by national anthem including vote of thanks by

    Mihir Jain.